University is an investment decision for the whole family

    A survey conducted by the Guardian this week, states that six out of 10 sixth formers who choose not to go straight to university do so because of concerns over tuition fees.

    By the Guardian’s own admission, the survey is not a scientific one, but it does highlight the shift in attitude towards university education that the current economic situation is bringing about.

    Deciding whether or not to go to university is no longer just about what subject you will choose – it has now become an investment decision. It is not just the increased tuition fees that a student has to weigh up but the potential debt from accommodation and living costs acquired over three or four years of study and the likelihood of having to take on unpaid work after graduation to gain experience.

    What is more, that investment decision is not just for the prospective student to consider, it is one for the whole family. With more and more young people being forced to stay at home because of high housing costs and limited job opportunities, the prospect of taking on further debt (even if repayment is related to future earnings) is something that will have an impact upon the whole family.

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