Six things you could get if the minimum wage goes up to £6.50

    Meatball marinara sub


    The Low Pay Commission is recommending that the minimum wage increases by 3% in October, to £6.50. So what will you now be able to get with an hour’s wage:


    1. An off-peak cinema ticket, as long as the cinema isn’t too swish, in a city centre

    2. A small cappuccino for you and two friends at a high street coffee shop

    3. A footlong Meatball Marinara sub – with no extras – and a chocolate donut from Subway

    4. About 60 minutes and 250 texts on a pay-as-you-go top-up

    5. 6 minutes and 30 seconds in a London taxi at night. But if it’s moving, it’ll probably be less

    6. 13.1 seconds of Wayne Rooney’s time


    Don’t spend it all at once!