October 2012

Raising aspiration needs opportunities not just cheerleaders

    The new education minister, David Laws, believes that teachers should do more to encourage the aspirations of pupils and encourage them to aim for the stars and too often the expectations set at school have an impact on the social mobility of pupils, leaving them thinking certain careers or places of work are “not for them”.

    Let’s tackle our pension problems through teaching

      This week saw the introduction of automatic enrolment in workplace pensions. The idea of ensuring that everyone is making provisions for their life after work is certainly a worthy one but one of the fundamental problems with the pension system is how little people really understand about it.

      Educators should embrace technology, not be overcome by it

        One of the many hot topics in education today (and one that we are particularly interested in, here at Ambitious Minds) is the use of technology to support learning. There are a lot of incredibly exciting projects taking place all over the world right now, from the Khan Academy’s use of video to individual teachers using computer games as a way of bringing topics to life and making them relevant to their pupils, all of which are enhancing the educational experience and bringing it up-to-date for the 21st century.