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The Covid pandemic has been devastating for young people and their education. The need to prepare young people through skills-based real education for life is now greater than ever. Whatever career a young person follows they will have to cope with the pressure of managing their affairs, earning, spending, saving, and investing their money in order to build an independent adult life. And all this against the background of the economic damage caused to our economy because of lockdown and its profound consequences. Financial life-skills education is the best way to equip every young person with the practical knowledge and skills they need to navigate their way through the complexities of modern society, and contribute to their communities as active and fully engaged citizens.





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ilrnr is a collaboration between Keep The Cash and Liverpool John Moores University. Drawing upon many years of experience delivering live tuition and developing ground-breaking digital technologies, ilrnr is a new digital education platform designed to provide effective financial life skills education to everyone.




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